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About Moduform

With more than 40 years of experience manufacturing high use furniture for heavy use applications, Moduform possesses the knowledge and ability to partner with your team to deliver furniture that meets the exact style and functional characteristics your facility demands. Moduform recently purchased Adden furniture to offer the most comprehensive version of case goods and fully upholstered lounge and public area seating. 


Whats New at Moduform/Adden



Moduform has been “pouring” its own foam for 40 years. Their original line of molded lounge furniture was made by rotationally molding a seamless vinyl skin then filling it with a polyurethane foam bonded to the inner surface. As the foam is released into the chair, it expands to fill all corners and crevices providing a lounge solution with pure foam as its core. That product is still desirable and fits many needs for areas requiring seamless and fluid resistant construction. There are however, applications for products with the durability of foam with a more contemporary cover. Now, there is a solution... Meet BUMP


Double needle stitched fabric on the outside, 7 pounds of pure foam core on the inside. It defines flexibility in its composition and in its function. Endless colors. An infinite selection of textures. And the ability to change the cover in minutes. It’s a 15” cube that will grab attention and generate smiles. Use it as a table, an ottoman, a bench, a chair or just stack them and make a tower or a variety of arrangements. It is the result of a collaborative effort between our upholstery plant in North Carolina and our foaming operation in Fitchburg.

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